Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I think the first thing any blog should do is introduce itself. Mainly this is to get the author to commit to things so that the readers can call them on it when inevitably they break those commitments.

The focus of this blog is media. It's less about the about the content of the media and more about the issues related with media, like the media industries, DRM, consumer media rights, how we consume media, and the changing nature of media. I'm a big consumer of media, and I get a lot of experience with the frustrations, and care about it's future.

I'm going to state my biases up front, that I think that a lot of mistakes have been made on the part of the media industry and on the part of the consumer, and that those mistakes have eroded the mutual trust and respect required for a really healthy future for the content industries. I think that content is worth something, and that if you put in hard work and are good at content creation then that should be able to be a good career for you, but that at some point there should be diminishing returns. I also think that our content is part of our culture and that everyone should be able to participate, to some extent regardless of means.

I'm gonna try to keep up a good flow of articles, but don't imagine that I'll keep any regular schedule, so watching the RSS is probably best. I don't know how much I'll keep up with comments just yet, and that's probably the part that's subject to the most variation. Also the standard disclaimers are that the opinions are mine and that the history that is presented is my interpretation of history, based on school, wikipedia, Documentaries on TV, living through it, and the random scrambling of details by my brain. Sorry if it's not accurate, and if it's not corrections with links to better sources are greatly appreciated.

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